Things I Love Thursdays

Apparently, listing a handful of things you love on Thursdays is a trend in blog world. I’d never heard of it until this fly lady began doing it. It seems like a fun exercise in gratuitous commemoration of the things I like so I’m going to hop on this cheery bandwagon:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: I am forever indebted to my friend Lindsay and all the crazy theater kids we hung out with for introducing me to the absolute best book series in the history of the world EVER. Going to the junk movie theater and eating gross nachos and cheese while singing along to “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” is one of my life highlights.

Nutella: Does this even require explanation? It’s the cornerstone of my diet and nothing short of “fantabulous” can describe it. My heart breaks a little when I get to the end of the jar. Thank you WWII chocolate rations and Italian innovation!

My bike: It gets me places and helps me work out all that Nutella. And it’s just so pretty!

Dying and cutting my hair: For the better part of the last 8 months I was horribly depressed – I didn’t leave my house, I didn’t attend classes and I just barely managed to graduate. I just stopped caring. My hair grew down to my waist. One of the first things I did once I began getting better was to cut most of it off. The first time I cut my hair short and dyed it a crazy color was extremely liberating and I regained that feeling. It might sound silly to say that something as simple as a hair cut or dye job can change the way you feel but it’s a big deal to me.

Band t-shirts: I can’t live without them. I actually have all the ones pictured above – including two Misfits ones – and then some. Music is a big part of everyone’s life, and this is one of the ways I have of expressing its importance to me. They look awesome and are great conversation starters. A couple days ago I went to meet the professor I will be doing my first lab rotation with and I was wearing my Black Flag t-shirt. After talking chemistry, he pointed out my shirt and we started talking about music and it all culminated with him lending me a couple of CDs. So you see, Black Flag can help with networking as well as being your soundtrack for smashing shit.

I think that about covers it for today. Fuck, now I’m seriously craving eating a Nutella sandwich while riding my bike, dressed in a Crass t-shirt, with teal-colored hair and whistling “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”…


2 responses to “Things I Love Thursdays

  1. I’m glad you dyed your hair again, it’s what made you, you :)

    Man, I need to rent Hitch Hikers Guide… it’s been awhile :)

  2. Come over and watch it with me!

    I haven’t dyed it yet. I’m waiting for it to get cold enough so I don’t have to wash as often, haha.

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