Things I Love Thursdays

I like things properly filed and organized. Not because I’m an awfully neat person, but because symmetry is just the cat’s pajamas. As such, I’m going to try to keep these Thursday lists categorical. What can I say, sub-categories just tickle my fancy.

With that said, I present you the cartoon edition of Things I Love Thursdays. Shall we?

Punch Trunk: My absolute favorite cartoon of all time. It’s absurd in every way, but then again so are things like √-1. If imaginary numbers can work their way into the equations that explain the foundation of all matter and energy, then I can hold out belief that a full-grown, 5in bull elephant will come out of some bananas somewhere in the world. Besides, the English language has never been put to use quite so beautifully and succinctly as in the statement “Picayune pachyderm panics populace”.

Cat and Dupli-cat: The best Tom & Jerry cartoon. The background in the opening scene is just beautiful. Bonus “Santa Lucia” doesn’t hurt it either.

Silly Symphonies: There are so many wonderful shorts in this series I couldn’t just pick one. These three cover everything from unusual to breathtaking. Get ready to spend hours watching these on Youtube.

Ferdinand the Bull: Ferdinand and I would so be friends and chill under the tree and smell the flowers together.

Dexter’s Laboratory: One of my favorite series, particularly because I remember watching the first episode on the day the series premiered. I may or may not still sing the closing credits song in the shower.

Samurai Jack: It’s epic, it’s stunning, it’s badass. It’s perfect. If anyone’s interested in watching Episode VII (my favorite), go here but be ready to deal with pop-ups.


3 responses to “Things I Love Thursdays

  1. I miss Dexter’s Lab :(

    BTW… Do you watch Dexter? that reminds me… I LOVE that show :)

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