Daily Archives: September 12, 2010

Best Worst Songs Sundays

I am in need of a cheesy song pick-me-up. Why, you ask? Because I got run over by two boisterous dogs yesterday.

They were tumbling around, playing and I got up to switch seats (ew, sunshine!) and they were coming towards me. I stopped because I thought there was NO way they would just run into me. Oh, but they did! It felt like a rolling cannonball took my legs from under me, propelling my body into the atmosphere. I was in mid-air, parallel to the ground, which I bet looked quite gracious. Any grace was lost the second I belly-flopped on the ground.

So to soothe the aching bruise on my hip, I present myself (and you) the best worst song that is as equally dramatic as my fall:

Now for the counter:

Hot DAMN, that song is amazing.