Things I Hate Tuesdays

Pour me a shot of that haterade:

Tuesdays: It really is the worst day of the week.

Frogs: One of the many reasons I am happy to live in NYC is the lack of amphibians. It’s one of those I-hate-them-because-I’m-scared-of-them things. I am petrified of frogs. The only good frog is the one belly up on a dissection tray. I get that they serve a very important function in their respective environments; I just don’t want our living ranges to overlap.

The comment section on high-traffic websites: Namely, Youtube and any other news website (CNN, Yahoo, etc). This is where the stupid come to play. It festers with ignorance (particularly of science), racism, xenophobia, sexism and homophobia, with a sprinkle of social Darwinism here and there. It never fails to make me indescribably angry.

The pharmaceutical industry: I have a giant rant planned on this topic, but I would also like to briefly express my distaste for this sector. The day I decided to become a chemist I swore I would never allow myself to work in this industry. A professor of mine – who was once heavily involved in malaria research – called them “the lowest scum on Earth – worse than pedophiles”, and while that statement is hyperbolic, one must agree when considering the unbridled evil they disseminate. Profit motives and health should never mix.

Monsanto: Possibly the most demonic institution in the history of humanity. It makes my blood boil to think that they successfully patented genes. You can’t and shouldn’t own a gene because you can’t control it once it enters the environment. And to allow genetically modified organisms to enter the environment without fully knowing the cascade impact of those genes is beyond absurd. It’s dangerous. The genome is a delicate thing that functions through an incredibly intricate mechanism that still alludes us. You can’t just cut and paste shit into an organism’s DNA and call it a day. I hope Monsanto dies a fiery death.

This took an unexpectedly political turn. Then again, that’s what most of the things I hate are rooted on.

The two cartoons used are by Polyp.


2 responses to “Things I Hate Tuesdays

  1. It’s funny, we were in Vegas last week and saw a frog at this casino… and I told TJ, man that frog reminds me of Laura. He replies “why?” I said because she has a humongous fear of frogs! and he didn’t believe me… this is proof!

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