Things I Love Thursdays

This one brought to you straight from the Science Center. I am currently facing a giant whiteboard covered in equations, trigonometric functions, graphs and drawings with things like radii and vectors marked on them. Looks like some physicists were up all night doodling.


I’m a fan of TV, especially programming from the History, Discovery and National Geographic channels and their derivatives. And for every two-hour special on the Devil’s Bible, I have to sit through at least 20 minutes of commercials. And some of them make me genuinely happy:

The World is Just Awesome: These make me so very happy. They never, ever fail to make my day better. I too love arachnids, giant squids, the Big Bang and the stars at night. The world really is fucking awesome.

We Want the Funk: Adorable! I wish I had that much swagger. If I have a kid it better turn out like them, otherwise I’m returning it.

Who are you calling a cootie queen, you LINT LICKER!?: Genius! I can quote this from start to finish. I might have chortled the first time I saw it.

Napoleon: Not the best commercial, but definitely the best commercial song. I downloaded it and listen to it on a regular basis. It’s amazing and it’s in french. Garmin, you had me at salut with this one.

Slap Chop remix: I was already amazed when I watched the regular pitch but the remix was just… dumbfounding. Greatest accomplishment of 2009, no doubt.

Off to inorganic chemistry class I go!


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