Do You Think These Bruises Are Sexy?

I got doored yesterday. I feel somewhat initiated now. It wasn’t so bad because I wasn’t going very fast, but it all ended with me comforting the lady who opened the cab door because she was in tears. As a memento, I have the weirdest – and coolest! – bruise I’ve ever had:

It’s a pointillism bruise! I acquired it on the way to go vote for this lady. It would have been nice if she had won, but alas…

A few other things I’ve been up to:

– We visited Socrates Sculptures Park. I thought it was a park with a bust of Socrates, or something. But no, it’s a park full of odd sculptures.

– Took an extended stroll through Central Park on Wednesday and was as giddy as could be when we stumbled upon this guy making gigantic soap bubbles. The giddiness was quickly dampened by the multitude of stroller gangs. After that we went to Piola to get my catupiry fix via the São Paulo pizza. I urge everyone in the city to go get it because it’s fucking amazing.

– On Saturday, to inaugurate the boyfriend’s new bike and the fall weather, we went picnicking on Governor’s Island, which is my absolute favorite place in the city. I would trade my thumb to live there, that’s how serious I am about it.

Our sweet spread: turkey and ham sandwiches, grapes, olives, cheeses, chips and dip, wine in tea bottles, and Doughnut Plant jelly and glazed doughnuts. By the way, I would Liz Lemon the shit out of Doughnut Plant if I could.

My ham and extra sharp cheddar sammich. Yum!

My shoes became an impromptu jukebox stand.

My bike.

The boy’s bike. I have some serious bike envy over this.

Stained glass in a chapel on the island.

Shells hanging from this jellyfish-looking wind chime. Speaking of jellyfish, I think they’re evolutionary pimps. They have the fastest biological response in nature (the nematocyst release), multiple eyes and a nervous system but no brain to process any of the input. HOW can you have vision and no brain? Through sheer, gelatinous will.

I will end with what I believe is one of the funniest things on Youtube. Enjoy.


4 responses to “Do You Think These Bruises Are Sexy?

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  2. Laura, I miss you, your bruise is sexy…

    I started writing a blog as well, but no one can read it until I am ready to go public. Get your phone fixed, I miss your butt, i don’t know what to do… I need to talk to you soon.

    • I think I’ll be getting a new phone tomorrow! I’ll call you then, alright, boo boo? I miss your butt, too. You should come visit me! I’m fucking serious. Can’t wait to see your blog! I bet it’s fucking awesome.

      By the way, the line “do you think these bruises are sexy?” is from this song:

      Just putting it out there so people don’t think the question is, you know, genuine.

  3. The beat to that song has always made me happy, I think it annoys TJ when I play this song, he likes their faster stuff… :)

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