This day anything goes!

Burning bodies hanging from poles! I remember Halloween!

To me, Halloween means three things – the Misfits, World/Inferno Friendship Society, and not following through with any of the costume ideas I spent all year thinking about. But I did dye my hair in honor of the best day of the year, and let me tell you, it was a fucking pain in the ass.

Going from black to teal is no easy task, especially when you know shit about the proper way to do it. Nonetheless, after many rounds of bleach and dye I ended up with a color I’m pleased with, though you can’t really call it a color. It’s at least five distinct ones. See example that follows:

I fail at the internet-sexy thing, so I stick to making faces. I think this isn’t half bad for the first time posting a picture of myself online, no?


School has been kicking my ass lately, hence the blog neglect. Time management is not my forte, but I’ll try to come babble on here more often. I’ll be at Hallowmas all day tomorrow, so meanwhile I’ll leave you with my favorite Halloween songs:

I do indeed observe Hallowmas and keep it holy.

The song I look forward to all damn year long.


2 responses to “This day anything goes!

  1. Hey Laura good to see you are doing well lindsay told me about your blog it’s pretty awesome, hope to hear back from you this is my email

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