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Things I Hate Tuesdays

Pour me a shot of that haterade:

Tuesdays: It really is the worst day of the week.

Frogs: One of the many reasons I am happy to live in NYC is the lack of amphibians. It’s one of those I-hate-them-because-I’m-scared-of-them things. I am petrified of frogs. The only good frog is the one belly up on a dissection tray. I get that they serve a very important function in their respective environments; I just don’t want our living ranges to overlap.

The comment section on high-traffic websites: Namely, Youtube and any other news website (CNN, Yahoo, etc). This is where the stupid come to play. It festers with ignorance (particularly of science), racism, xenophobia, sexism and homophobia, with a sprinkle of social Darwinism here and there. It never fails to make me indescribably angry.

The pharmaceutical industry: I have a giant rant planned on this topic, but I would also like to briefly express my distaste for this sector. The day I decided to become a chemist I swore I would never allow myself to work in this industry. A professor of mine – who was once heavily involved in malaria research – called them “the lowest scum on Earth – worse than pedophiles”, and while that statement is hyperbolic, one must agree when considering the unbridled evil they disseminate. Profit motives and health should never mix.

Monsanto: Possibly the most demonic institution in the history of humanity. It makes my blood boil to think that they successfully patented genes. You can’t and shouldn’t own a gene because you can’t control it once it enters the environment. And to allow genetically modified organisms to enter the environment without fully knowing the cascade impact of those genes is beyond absurd. It’s dangerous. The genome is a delicate thing that functions through an incredibly intricate mechanism that still alludes us. You can’t just cut and paste shit into an organism’s DNA and call it a day. I hope Monsanto dies a fiery death.

This took an unexpectedly political turn. Then again, that’s what most of the things I hate are rooted on.

The two cartoons used are by Polyp.

Things I Hate Tuesdays

Man, do I love a good rant.

As much as like sharing the things I enjoy with whoever stumbles upon this thing, I also have an irrational hatred for a lot of stuff. I love positivity and gratitude, but a good dose of haterade helps keep things in perspective. So now it’s time to unleash the inner cynic:

Hot weather and humidity: The best thing about moving from Florida (where the picture above was taken and were it’s always sweltering) to New York is that I now only have to deal with a 3-month summer instead of a 11-month one. I don’t like wearing skirts or flip flops, I don’t like going to the beach, and I hate sweating for no reason. I can’t wait until it gets cold enough to comfortably wear a hoodie and listen to the Misfits nonstop. The Misfits in the summer just does not work.

Okra: It’s saddening the best veggie name belongs to the worst of them. I hate okra. It’s all gooey once you cook it and its texture is akin to that of freshly expectorated snot. No, thank you.

Velvet: I don’t like the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it smells. It’s icky and I want no part of it.

Jared Leto: Something about his smug, pretty boy face makes my blood boil. I don’t know anything about him other than I just want to smack the highlights out of his hair.

Getting my socks wet, and when the tongue on your shoe slips to the side: See, I don’t care if my socks slip or my shoes get wet, but should the converse happen I feel like smashing everything around me. This has to be an innate, genetic mutation that was finally expressed in my being because no reasonable explanation exists for these aversions.

Phil Collins: How could you not? His songs are annoying and his voice substandard. He also managed to make Tarzan an even worse movie than it would have otherwise been.

Yet another introduction

I sincerely cannot believe I joined.

Years ago I swore off all social networking. I was also convinced blogging was reserved exclusively for those whose lives were exponentially more fabulously interesting than mine, or who were completely mundane but ostentatiously self-absorbed. I always figured no one would ever be interested in reading anything I had to say because I’m sure as hell boring.

Nonetheless, here I am. I guess this means I’m vain.

This place will serve as a repository for my likes and dislikes, rants and whatever else mindless drivel I feel like sharing.

Welcome to the so-so train. We serve cold porridge and travel at a safe, 30mph.