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Thaw and serve

As the mountains of crunchy ice-slush entrapping all the garbage in the city begin to melt and release their contents, so I end my nearly two-month hibernation and return to blabbering on the internet. Everything herein is likely to be disposable, but isn’t it always?

There’s something about sitting in an unheated apartment, during the awesomest/shittiest winter of the past decade, watching your toes freeze that leads one to introspection. You see, I often regret the choices I make. Whether that’s through lack of determination or sheer paranoia, it’s still not very fun to mull over every decision and reach a crummy conclusion. So I’ve finally realized that the only way to stop regretting your choices is to start making better ones. Obvious, I know, but most a-ha moments tend to be. Regardless of how clear this may seem to others, finally admitting to it has me feeling chipper the last few days. Hopefully things look up from here on out.

It’s probable, though, that my recent bout of gaiety has more to do
with the fact this is shaping up to be an amazing year for music (that I like, that is) than with any epiphanies my brain could have conjured. Seriously:

– World/Inferno, The Kills, PJ Harvey and Laura Marling are all coming out (or have already) with new albums, which means that I’ll get to see at least a couple of fucking BOSS shows this year.

Cannot fucking wait. I already pre-ordered the shit out of what I could, rent be damned. There are also two performances I can hardly contain my excitement for – Rachel Brice’s solo show this weekend (squeeee!), and the Steve Ignorant-does-Crass show in March (thanks to Chloe’s spontaneously generous roommate, Smart Face). Awesome, indeed!

Here are some more musical discoveries that have also helped defrost the aforementioned frozen toes:
– I finally brought Fire of Love into my life…

– while listening to A.P.P.L.E. for inordinately lengthy periods.

– Mumford & Sons. I’ve known about them for a while (due to their association with Laura Marling) but for some reason neglected to look into their stuff. Remember those regretful choices I’ve mentioned? Exactly.

And the final, non-music related things that have tickled my life-ain’t-so-bad bone:
– Trips to Pearl River Market for the sole purpose of Milky retrieval.

– My new jackalope t-shirt. It’s the best fucking thing ever. I’m pretty sure the jackalope is my spirit animal.

– This picture of my graduation. Everyone kept bitching at me about not keeping my gown long enough to be photographed in it, but I think this is much, much better. Now if only I had a diploma to show for all that work and frustration…

Well, I suppose this is all for today. It’s finally warm enough to ride, so I’ll be laboring over the bridge in about a couple of hours. Happy last days of winters, folks.


Things I Love Thursdays

This one brought to you straight from the Science Center. I am currently facing a giant whiteboard covered in equations, trigonometric functions, graphs and drawings with things like radii and vectors marked on them. Looks like some physicists were up all night doodling.


I’m a fan of TV, especially programming from the History, Discovery and National Geographic channels and their derivatives. And for every two-hour special on the Devil’s Bible, I have to sit through at least 20 minutes of commercials. And some of them make me genuinely happy:

The World is Just Awesome: These make me so very happy. They never, ever fail to make my day better. I too love arachnids, giant squids, the Big Bang and the stars at night. The world really is fucking awesome.

We Want the Funk: Adorable! I wish I had that much swagger. If I have a kid it better turn out like them, otherwise I’m returning it.

Who are you calling a cootie queen, you LINT LICKER!?: Genius! I can quote this from start to finish. I might have chortled the first time I saw it.

Napoleon: Not the best commercial, but definitely the best commercial song. I downloaded it and listen to it on a regular basis. It’s amazing and it’s in french. Garmin, you had me at salut with this one.

Slap Chop remix: I was already amazed when I watched the regular pitch but the remix was just… dumbfounding. Greatest accomplishment of 2009, no doubt.

Off to inorganic chemistry class I go!

Thing I Love Thursday

Yep, in singular form.

These Thursday posts take some time to construct and, whether I like it or not, homework takes precedence. So while I imbibe caffeine and fall asleep on my books, I’ll leave you all with something I have been desperately coveting:

I need this in my life.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I think I am hopelessly in love with Musidora. I don’t know much about her at all, other than her face was exquisitely beautiful and she had more flare than should be humanly allowed. First order of business once I’m done catching up on all my science is to dig through libraries in this city for a biography on her.

Things I Love Thursdays

I like things properly filed and organized. Not because I’m an awfully neat person, but because symmetry is just the cat’s pajamas. As such, I’m going to try to keep these Thursday lists categorical. What can I say, sub-categories just tickle my fancy.

With that said, I present you the cartoon edition of Things I Love Thursdays. Shall we?

Punch Trunk: My absolute favorite cartoon of all time. It’s absurd in every way, but then again so are things like √-1. If imaginary numbers can work their way into the equations that explain the foundation of all matter and energy, then I can hold out belief that a full-grown, 5in bull elephant will come out of some bananas somewhere in the world. Besides, the English language has never been put to use quite so beautifully and succinctly as in the statement “Picayune pachyderm panics populace”.

Cat and Dupli-cat: The best Tom & Jerry cartoon. The background in the opening scene is just beautiful. Bonus “Santa Lucia” doesn’t hurt it either.

Silly Symphonies: There are so many wonderful shorts in this series I couldn’t just pick one. These three cover everything from unusual to breathtaking. Get ready to spend hours watching these on Youtube.

Ferdinand the Bull: Ferdinand and I would so be friends and chill under the tree and smell the flowers together.

Dexter’s Laboratory: One of my favorite series, particularly because I remember watching the first episode on the day the series premiered. I may or may not still sing the closing credits song in the shower.

Samurai Jack: It’s epic, it’s stunning, it’s badass. It’s perfect. If anyone’s interested in watching Episode VII (my favorite), go here but be ready to deal with pop-ups.

Things I Love Thursdays

Apparently, listing a handful of things you love on Thursdays is a trend in blog world. I’d never heard of it until this fly lady began doing it. It seems like a fun exercise in gratuitous commemoration of the things I like so I’m going to hop on this cheery bandwagon:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: I am forever indebted to my friend Lindsay and all the crazy theater kids we hung out with for introducing me to the absolute best book series in the history of the world EVER. Going to the junk movie theater and eating gross nachos and cheese while singing along to “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” is one of my life highlights.

Nutella: Does this even require explanation? It’s the cornerstone of my diet and nothing short of “fantabulous” can describe it. My heart breaks a little when I get to the end of the jar. Thank you WWII chocolate rations and Italian innovation!

My bike: It gets me places and helps me work out all that Nutella. And it’s just so pretty!

Dying and cutting my hair: For the better part of the last 8 months I was horribly depressed – I didn’t leave my house, I didn’t attend classes and I just barely managed to graduate. I just stopped caring. My hair grew down to my waist. One of the first things I did once I began getting better was to cut most of it off. The first time I cut my hair short and dyed it a crazy color was extremely liberating and I regained that feeling. It might sound silly to say that something as simple as a hair cut or dye job can change the way you feel but it’s a big deal to me.

Band t-shirts: I can’t live without them. I actually have all the ones pictured above – including two Misfits ones – and then some. Music is a big part of everyone’s life, and this is one of the ways I have of expressing its importance to me. They look awesome and are great conversation starters. A couple days ago I went to meet the professor I will be doing my first lab rotation with and I was wearing my Black Flag t-shirt. After talking chemistry, he pointed out my shirt and we started talking about music and it all culminated with him lending me a couple of CDs. So you see, Black Flag can help with networking as well as being your soundtrack for smashing shit.

I think that about covers it for today. Fuck, now I’m seriously craving eating a Nutella sandwich while riding my bike, dressed in a Crass t-shirt, with teal-colored hair and whistling “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”…