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Thaw and serve

As the mountains of crunchy ice-slush entrapping all the garbage in the city begin to melt and release their contents, so I end my nearly two-month hibernation and return to blabbering on the internet. Everything herein is likely to be disposable, but isn’t it always?

There’s something about sitting in an unheated apartment, during the awesomest/shittiest winter of the past decade, watching your toes freeze that leads one to introspection. You see, I often regret the choices I make. Whether that’s through lack of determination or sheer paranoia, it’s still not very fun to mull over every decision and reach a crummy conclusion. So I’ve finally realized that the only way to stop regretting your choices is to start making better ones. Obvious, I know, but most a-ha moments tend to be. Regardless of how clear this may seem to others, finally admitting to it has me feeling chipper the last few days. Hopefully things look up from here on out.

It’s probable, though, that my recent bout of gaiety has more to do
with the fact this is shaping up to be an amazing year for music (that I like, that is) than with any epiphanies my brain could have conjured. Seriously:

– World/Inferno, The Kills, PJ Harvey and Laura Marling are all coming out (or have already) with new albums, which means that I’ll get to see at least a couple of fucking BOSS shows this year.

Cannot fucking wait. I already pre-ordered the shit out of what I could, rent be damned. There are also two performances I can hardly contain my excitement for – Rachel Brice’s solo show this weekend (squeeee!), and the Steve Ignorant-does-Crass show in March (thanks to Chloe’s spontaneously generous roommate, Smart Face). Awesome, indeed!

Here are some more musical discoveries that have also helped defrost the aforementioned frozen toes:
– I finally brought Fire of Love into my life…

– while listening to A.P.P.L.E. for inordinately lengthy periods.

– Mumford & Sons. I’ve known about them for a while (due to their association with Laura Marling) but for some reason neglected to look into their stuff. Remember those regretful choices I’ve mentioned? Exactly.

And the final, non-music related things that have tickled my life-ain’t-so-bad bone:
– Trips to Pearl River Market for the sole purpose of Milky retrieval.

– My new jackalope t-shirt. It’s the best fucking thing ever. I’m pretty sure the jackalope is my spirit animal.

– This picture of my graduation. Everyone kept bitching at me about not keeping my gown long enough to be photographed in it, but I think this is much, much better. Now if only I had a diploma to show for all that work and frustration…

Well, I suppose this is all for today. It’s finally warm enough to ride, so I’ll be laboring over the bridge in about a couple of hours. Happy last days of winters, folks.


This day anything goes!

Burning bodies hanging from poles! I remember Halloween!

To me, Halloween means three things – the Misfits, World/Inferno Friendship Society, and not following through with any of the costume ideas I spent all year thinking about. But I did dye my hair in honor of the best day of the year, and let me tell you, it was a fucking pain in the ass.

Going from black to teal is no easy task, especially when you know shit about the proper way to do it. Nonetheless, after many rounds of bleach and dye I ended up with a color I’m pleased with, though you can’t really call it a color. It’s at least five distinct ones. See example that follows:

I fail at the internet-sexy thing, so I stick to making faces. I think this isn’t half bad for the first time posting a picture of myself online, no?


School has been kicking my ass lately, hence the blog neglect. Time management is not my forte, but I’ll try to come babble on here more often. I’ll be at Hallowmas all day tomorrow, so meanwhile I’ll leave you with my favorite Halloween songs:

I do indeed observe Hallowmas and keep it holy.

The song I look forward to all damn year long.

Best Worst Songs Sundays

I am in need of a cheesy song pick-me-up. Why, you ask? Because I got run over by two boisterous dogs yesterday.

They were tumbling around, playing and I got up to switch seats (ew, sunshine!) and they were coming towards me. I stopped because I thought there was NO way they would just run into me. Oh, but they did! It felt like a rolling cannonball took my legs from under me, propelling my body into the atmosphere. I was in mid-air, parallel to the ground, which I bet looked quite gracious. Any grace was lost the second I belly-flopped on the ground.

So to soothe the aching bruise on my hip, I present myself (and you) the best worst song that is as equally dramatic as my fall:

Now for the counter:

Hot DAMN, that song is amazing.